[Python-Dev] cvs socketmodule.c and IPV6 disabled

Chris Johns cjohns@cybertec.com.au
Tue, 29 Apr 2003 08:33:35 +1000

Martin v. Lvwis wrote:
> I see. And the system does have inet_pton? *That* sounds like a bug to 
> me - there should be no inet_pton if the IPv6 API is unsupported.

Agreed. I will disable them.

> So I think the configure test should be changed to define HAVE_PTON only 
> if all prerequisites of its usage are met (or the entire function should 
> be hidden if IPv6 is disabled).

It would make Python more robust, but this is a mistake on my part.

Thanks for the help.

  Chris Johns, cjohns at cybertec.com.au