[Python-Dev] test_logging hangs on Solaris 8 (and 9)

Brett Cannon drifty@alum.berkeley.edu
Tue, 29 Apr 2003 20:47:37 -0700 (PDT)

(sorry for messing up people's threading of this thread but I deleted the
original emails since I summarized it already in my rough draft of the
next summary)

I just created patch #729988 that I think fixes any possible hanging
issues with test_logging in regards to it hanging after completing test 3
(its last test).  I just switched the lock used from a Condition lock
(which I think was sending its 'notify' faster than it took to reach the
'wait' call in the main thread) to an Event lock.  It solves the hanging
on my OS X box.

The reason I didn't apply it is that I don't have much threading
experience and I would rather be safe than sorry.  I just need someone to
sign off on it; I will apply it myself.