[Python-Dev] RH9 build does not seem to autodetect properly

Dennis Allison allison at sumeru.stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 4 02:12:31 EDT 2003

This is probably old news, but I wanted to follow up on my earlier
messages.  Building Python 2.3 under RH9 works when all the header files
are present.  Running the full test suite turns up problems with the
threading module.  (see my earlier post for details)A

I had significant problems building Python 2.1.3 under RH9.  The
SSL/Kerberos5 interface has changed and, at least on my system, there are
dangling includes. The usual configure, make mantra does not do the job
even after installing Kerberos. As I am not using Kerberos5, I got python
2.1.3 to compile after a bit of shameful brain surgery.  I've not been
able to figure out how to get large file support to work.

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