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Planning for PyCon DC 2004, the Python community conference, is now
underway.  DC 2004 will be held March 24-26, 2004 in Washington, D.C.
It will contain many of the features of this year's successful
conference, including a development sprint and a similar cost structure.
Registration will be open by October 1.

A Call For Proposals will be issued in the next two weeks.  Presentations
will be required in electronic form for publication on the web.

PyCon DC 2003 had a broad range of presentations, from reports on
academic and commercial projects to tutorials and case studies, and
these will all be included in the Call For Proposals.  As long as the
presentation is interesting and potentially useful to the Python
community, it will be considered for inclusion in the program.

There will again be a significant amount of Open Space to allow for
informal and spur-of-the-moment presentations for which no formal
submission is required.  There will also be several Lightning Talk
sessions.  These informal sessions are opportunities for those who
don't want to make a formal presentation.

We're looking for volunteers to help run PyCon.  If you're interested,
subscribe to http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/pycon-organizers

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The central resource for PyCon DC 2004 is
Aahz (aahz at pythoncraft.com)           <*>         http://www.pythoncraft.com/

This is Python.  We don't care much about theory, except where it intersects 
with useful practice.  --Aahz

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