[Python-Dev] sizeof(long) != sizeof(void*)

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Aug 5 16:58:00 EDT 2003

[Martin v. Lowis]
> On Win64, a number of tests fail as they expect that a Python integer
> can represent a platform pointer.

If by "Python integer" we mean the union of int and long, that's a good

> For example, test_array expects that buffer_info returns an integer.

That can't be right -- buffer_info returns a tuple on all platforms.  The
first element of the tuple is constructed via

	PyTuple_SET_ITEM(retval, 0, PyLong_FromVoidPtr(self->ob_item));

and PyLong_FromVoidPtr() is supposed to be smart enough to return a Python
long if sizeof(void*) > sizeof(long) (by way of the platform C "long long"
type, which should be __int64 on any flavor of Windows).

Ah!  You must mean this line in test_buffer_info():

        self.assert_(isinstance(bi[0], int))

That's clearly a bug in the test; it should read

        self.assert_(isinstance(bi[0], (int, long)))

> Likewise, test_descr expects that id() and hash() return the same value by
> default.

Sorry, I couldn't follow that one.  Like, the id() and hash() of what?
Certainly nobody expects, e.g., that hash("xyz") == id("xyz").

> Is that a bug in the Win64 port, or in the tests?

I don't understand what problem(s) you're seeing -- showing tracebacks is
always more useful than trying to paraphrase in English.  Trent Mick did the
Win64 port, and I believe all tests passed at the time he finished that.
'Twas quite a while ago, though, and I don't of anyone running tests on
Win64 since then.  Still, because they used to pass, I expect any problems
that may exist now are shallow.

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