[Python-Dev] Re: shared library

Francois Pinard pinard at iro.umontreal.ca
Tue Aug 5 21:27:45 EDT 2003

[Martin v. Löwis]

> > Without meaning to criticize, is there any particular reason why
> > the python shared library isn't enabled by default?

> Because shared libraries suck, and the world would be a better place
> without them.  I can elaborate if you want to :-)

No doubt that shared libraries have their own complexity, but I'm still
not sure the world (or at least the Linux machines I work on!) would be a
better place without them.  I would surely need more disks and more memory
to run everything, and probably more time to load the slightest program.

But I might be missing the meaning of the original question.  If by any
chance you feel like elaborating a bit, that could be instructive for me.

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