[Python-Dev] Multiple levels of site-packages

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Fri Aug 8 16:54:25 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, Aug 6, 2003, at 20:09 Europe/Amsterdam, Ronald Oussoren 
> 1) part of the python core
> 2) part of the system vendor packages
> 3) locally installed network-wide packages
> 4) locally installed system-wide packages
> 5) locally installed user packages

Here's a suggestion for the PEP: come up with an extensible scheme. 
There are
situations where people may want to add yet another level (think of a 
value added
reseller who builds and customizes machines for a specific target 
and there some levels that are not needed on all platforms (such as the
network-wide one). We know the core is there, and we know the end user 
there, but the stuff in between should be customizable.
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