[Python-Dev] Slogan: Getting Rich Overnight

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sat Aug 9 05:59:27 EDT 2003

Dear friends.

During a conversation with good friends and newly acquired
Pythonista, we were discussing Python, what it is in essence,
and what it is giving to us.

The people were Dinu Gherman, Giorgio Giacomazzi,
a promizing newcomer in the Python noosphere, and myself.

We were discussing how to advertize for Python, and Dinu
spread some of the recent library enhancements, like

- email package
- XML parsers
- distutils
- add lots of other great stuff, here.

Then, after a while of silence, Giorgio said something like
Well, right.
But despite of the libraries, I was hit by pure Python,
by the following, simply by using it interactively:

There are these lists, these tuples, and these dicts.
They are immediately there, at my fingertips. And this is
a feeling that I never had, before. Especially these dicts
are incredible.

This was a feeling like 'getting rich overnight'.

I loved this statement very much, and I have to say, this
is essentially my feeling for myself, since many years now.
I could imagine that this might be a candidate for next year's
Python congress' slogan. "Python makes you rich, overnight".
Not by money, in the first place, but by multiplying your
own capabilities, immediately.

It needed the fresh experience of a newcomer to become aware
of this, again.

The ambiguity is obvious. On first reading, it will attract
many. On second reading, those who are thinking "ahh, ohh, yes,
not I understand" will remain. But that's ok for a good slogan!

got rich overnight by Python!

being rich since 1800 nights now - sincerely -- chris

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