[Python-Dev] hook for standalone executable

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Aug 9 19:06:26 EDT 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:

> It wasn't me.  I agree it seems a tad fragile, however it will probably be a
> lot easier than coming up with a "portable" way for the interpreter to know
> its size.  I'd suggest a command line flag but I don't think that's going to
> fly either.

I recommend to drop the requirement that simple appending of .zip file 
needs to work, and suggest to use platform-specific mechanisms on each 
platform. These mechanisms should arrange to patch a variable, 
Py_EmbeddedZipfile. Normally, this variable is NULL. If a zipfile is 
appended, this variable changes its value to point to the zipfile (it 
should probably point to the zip directory, or some such).

So in essence, a proper linking step is executed. There should be no 
dependence on native tools to perform this linking, instead, it should 
be implemented in pure Python.


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