[Python-Dev] Slogan: Getting Rich Overnight

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Mon Aug 11 04:19:13 EDT 2003

Jack Jansen wrote:


> Don't let the spammers hear this, or before you know we'll all be getting
> messages of the form "With our new pill your manhood can be as big[*] as a
> Python".

If we can't make a simple claim like this without being
hosed by the spammers and *their* filters (since *we* allowed them
to grow after them), then we are very badly hosed.

Spammers are dictating our subject lines.
Do you allow this? Really?
I think we should stop spamming now.
We can do that and we should do that.

How? Don't ask these silly questions.
We all know what to do, and the whole
spamming problem could be over in, say,
three weeks.

Spamming is mega-out.
Just let them feel this!

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