[Python-Dev] Outlook release on SourceForge

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Aug 12 12:02:26 EDT 2003

"Tim Peters" <tim.one at comcast.net> writes:

> [Tim]
>>> Python used to be among the 10 most active projects every week,
>>> but lost a lot when it stopped releasing files from SF
>>> (downloads count a lot toward the activity ranking).
> [Michael Hudson]
>> Yep.  However, the pain of dealing with the SF file release thingy
>> compared to scp-ing things to creosote is night and day.
> I find setting up an SF file release to be obscure but actually very quick
> and easy once you figure it out.

Maybe I just never figured it out, then.  Perhaps we should go back to
putting full releases up there -- but I found dealing with that thing
a serious hassle for 221c1 & 2.

> I don't know how hard people find it to download from there now; it
> used to be dead in the water too often.

Well, *I* have a much faster connection to python.org than any of SFs
servers, though this may be an accident of routing (ping from here to
python.org is only 11 msec).

>> *I'm* pretty sure having a high activity rating on SF isn't worth it.
> A fine case of sour grapes if ever I heard one <wink>.
> the-spambayes-folks-trade-activity-points-for-fast-cars-mansions-
>     and-recreational-drugs-ly y'rs  - tim

Whoa!  That sounds like a better inducement than appearing on SF's
front page :-)


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