[Python-Dev] pyconfig.h installation issue

Tom Emerson tree at basistech.com
Tue Aug 12 16:05:15 EDT 2003


I am building Python 2.3 in an heterogenous environment where I want
all of the platform-independent code to be shared and the platform
specific code kept segregated. In particular I have a structure like


for the platform independent files, and


for platform-specific directories and files (bin/, include/, and lib/).

Getting this to work is easily accomplished with --prefix and
--exec-prefix when running configure on each platform:

--prefix=/foo/bar/python --exec-prefix=/foo/bar/python/RH72-gcc-3.2


These builds are put under source control and are read-only once they
are checked in. Hence the problem:

If /foo/bar/python/include and its contents are read-only then
following installs fail to put pyconfig.h (a platform-dependent file)
into the platform-specific include directory because the
$(INSTALL_DATA) in the 'inclinstall' target fails and the final line
in that target (to install pyconfig.h) never runs.

Clear as mud?

The main thing I want to do is avoid reinstalling the shared files
after the first time, since I'm building this on many different

My proposed solution to this is to move the $(INSTALL_DATA) for
pyconfig.h from the bottom of the inclinstall target to before the
loop that installs the shared headers. Then that step will succeed and
it doesn't matter whether or not the other INSTALL_DATA calls
fail. Make sense?

This begs another install target, which just installs the items that
end up in the exec-prefix directories. Then on each platform I can
just install the platform-specific code.


Thanks in advance,


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