[Python-Dev] Re: hook for standalone executable

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Thu Aug 14 22:48:59 EDT 2003

Neil Schemenauer <nas-python at python.ca> writes:

> Damien Morton wrote:
>> Why not activate the hook if a magic cookie has been appended to the
>> executable. This cookie would flag that a zip archive had been appended
>> to the executable, and would incorporate information as to the length of
>> the archive.
> I suppose some executable formats do not like extra data appended at the
> end.  Patching a global variable with a linking step sounds like the
> best solution (as suggested by MvL).

Right. I only didn't understand why he called this 'patching'.
I would call it 'link with an object file defining this global

I do not want to be nitpicking here, but a clear terminology avoids

>  If someone would create a tool for
> Windows that would make most users happy.

On windows I would include this into the resources (which can be changed
without any needs for a linker or so, at least on NT).

Or do you mean that all this isn't needed for Unix?


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