[Python-Dev] Re: hook for standalone executable

Steve Holden sholden at holdenweb.com
Fri Aug 15 08:11:30 EDT 2003

> [Neil]
> > I mean that Unix users are less likely to want a stand-alone
> > executable
> > instead of a Python script.  Also, stand-alone executables
> are usually
> > intended for end users with little or no Python development skills.
> > Almost all of those people are using windows.
> But isn't at least part of the Linux community hoping that
> this will change,
> and that Linux will become viable for such users?
Besides which, stand-alone executable delivery means freedom from
dependencies on the installed Python, which for a long time was a
complaint on Red Hat (and may well become one for various platforms when
people start trying to deliver 2.3-specific functionality).

IMHO It would be a mistake to overlook the Unix world in delivering this
ability to a waiting world.

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