[Python-Dev] Re: SF tracker mini-form

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Aug 15 16:40:05 EDT 2003

Jack Jansen wrote:

> The original question asked about "a minimal form", but shouldn't we 
> make it
> a bit less minimal than this one?
> At the very least I think there should be a link back into the "known 
> universe",
> probably to a place where the procedure for submitting Python bugs is 
> explained
> (and which I can't find right now:-().

If I can find out where the file is kept (I know Skip attached the file 
but I just want to understand how the whole CGI setup works on creosote 
before I do anything) I plan on coming up with a page that takes a 
number and has relevant links to the parts on SF and such.

As for the lack of docs on submitting a bug and such, all that I know of 
is http://www.python.org/dev/devfaq.html#bugs .  I just gave a talk 
about how Python is developed that was well-received that I plan to 
write up into an essay and get that put up on the site.  It covers how 
to submit a bug (among other things).


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