[Python-Dev] pirate 0.01 alpha!

Michal Wallace michal at sabren.com
Sat Aug 16 22:15:56 EDT 2003

Annoucing pirate 0.01 alpha!


   Right now, pirate supports a good deal of python. The 
   two biggest things that are still missing are classes 
   (because parrot classes aren't quite done yet) and 
   exec/eval/import (because those things require a 
   compiler -- and without classes, pirate can't compile
   itself). None of the builtin functions exist, 
   either, and the types are borrowed from perl. :)
   BUT: there's still a lot you can do! For example,
   parrot is able to run this generator-based microtheads
   demo and correctly run over 50 small test cases
   covering much of the language.

   As a special bonus, it currently runs dog slow! The
   microthreads example runs about 8-9 times slower on
   pirate than on regular python. But that's not parrot's
   fault: the generated code is completely unoptimized.

Comments, bug reports, patches, flames, etc welcome. :)

Michal J Wallace
Sabren Enterprises, Inc.
contact: michal at sabren.com
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