[Python-Dev] Re: A syntax for function attributes?

Mark Nottingham mnot at mnot.net
Sat Aug 16 22:41:34 EDT 2003

I very much like this approach, and reiterate my willingness to help 
push it (or another solution) forward however I can (probably limited 
to writing a PEP, unfortunately).


Paul Moore wrote:
> All of the notations involving "stuff" between the definition and the 
> colon look reasonable when the "stuff" is small, but start to look odd 
> when it gets bigger (because it usually means that the colon is not on 
> the same line as the "def").
> How about leaving the [...] construct between the args and the colon, 
> on the assumption that "normal use" is for short stuff, like 
> [classmethod]. But for the dictionary option for function attributes, 
> locate it after the docstring. The we have
>     def p_expr_term(self,args):
>         """docstring here"""
>         { 'rule' :
>            """expr ::=3D expr + term
>               term ::=3D term * factor"""
>         }
>         pass
> It may get (slightly) hairy to parse, but should be OK, as docstrings 
> are a precedent for bare literals at the start of a function 
> definition having special meaning.
> Paul.

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