[Python-Dev] Berkeley breakage

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Aug 18 12:19:15 EDT 2003

    Tim> I don't have time to dig into this, but assuming the report is
    Tim> correct, how can we "encourage" Unix weenies to use db-4.1.25?  (On
    Tim> Windows, db-4.1.25 is shipped with the installer.)  If the problems
    Tim> with older versions are so severe, maybe the Python wrapper should
    Tim> do a version check and refuse to run if it finds an old version?

I'm using it just fine with 3.3.11 on Mac OS X.  I'm not using pop3proxy
though, just hammiefilter (for both scoring and incremental training) or
hammie (for training from scratch).

According to the pybsddb project's README.txt file (updated five weeks ago):

    This wrapper should be compatible with BerkeleyDB releases going back to
    3.1.17 up to and including DB 4.1.25.

I'm not saying the poster is wrong, just that his problem is not trivially


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