[Python-Dev] Embedded python module search path

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Tue Aug 19 13:18:53 EDT 2003

On maandag, aug 18, 2003, at 18:40 Europe/Amsterdam, Tom Emerson wrote:

> Thomas Heller writes:
> [...]
>>>> Is it worth providing an alternative initialization API that allows
>>>> these values to be specified explicitly instead of having them
>>>> computed? Or is there a reason not to do this?
>> Wouldn't a Py_SetPath function do the trick, which would initially set
>> module_search_path (if it's not already set)?
> Yes, that is essentially what I propose adding:
> void Py_SetPaths(modulepath, prefix, execprefix, fullpath);

Note that if we're going to tackle this I think we should also have a 
way to disable
the other code that looks at the environment to set the various flags.
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