[Python-Dev] Unification of logging in Python's Standard Library

Matthew F. Barnes mfb at lotusland.dyndns.org
Tue Aug 19 10:10:39 EDT 2003

I posted this message to comp.lang.python last night.  Alex Martelli
suggested that I post it directly to python-dev.

Matthew Barnes wrote:

> With the inclusion of the new 'logging' module in Python 2.3, I'm
> wondering whether there are plans to update the rest of the Standard
> Library to use this module wherever there is logging to be done.  I
> can think of a few Standard Library modules off the top of my head
> that currently "roll their own" logging system:
> asyncore.py
> BaseHTTPServer.py
> cgi.py
> doctest.py
> imaplib.py
> unittest.py
> A single, unified logging system across the entire Python Standard
> Library would be a worthy goal for some future release (Python 3000,
> or maybe even 2.4/2.5?).

This seems a good idea, and quite feasible for 2.4 (we do have over
a year before 2.4 is going to be feature-frozen, after all).  I would
suggest you post this proposal directly to Python-dev, though --
here on c.l.py it's too likely to get accidentally overlooked!


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