[Python-Dev] Virus Notification: A virus has been detected in a message origin ating from yourself

Nemx Power Tools for MS Exchange Server_MANTE61_1 NMXEXSPP1_MANTE61 at dow.com
Fri Aug 22 19:56:17 EDT 2003

	From:		python-dev at python.org [SMTP:python-dev at python.org]
	To:		<unknown>
	Date:		Fri, Aug 22 2003,  12:45:49 PM
	Subject:		Re: Details

The message contained 1 virus(es):

	your_details.pif		infected with the Sobig.F at mm virus
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This message is generated by anti-virus safeguards established at The Dow Chemical Company. Do not reply to this message. You should contact your computer support personnel to take suitable measures to remove the virus from your documents or machine.

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