[Python-Dev] Py2.3.1

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Tue Aug 26 15:15:54 EDT 2003

Michael Chermside <mcherm at mcherm.com> writes:

> Tim Peters writes:
>> If there's a nice searchable .chm file, I wouldn't want a thousand separate
>> HTML files in addition.
> I'm a Windows user, and I tend to prefer using html docs. Am I unusual in this 
> regard?

Yes, you are. IMO. Maybe.
I have setup things so that I can press F2 in Xemacs to search context
sensitive in Python's chm file, very nice.

OTOH, 'hh -decompile <directory> <chm-file>' will decompile the chm file into
separate html files again.

But there's also the html archive available for download.


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