[Python-Dev] Py2.3.1

logistix logistix at cathoderaymission.net
Tue Aug 26 19:13:08 EDT 2003

> [Tim continues]
> > The display is
> > identical to what you'd see if you used IE to browse the HTML docs 
> > directly today, so it's unclear what it is about "html 
> docs" you might 
> > prefer.
> [Michael]
> Mostly just that it's "more standard". I can view in a 
> browser of my choice, launch a browser from within my 
> editor/IDE, set bookmarks (but I don't usually  do that), 
> share on a drive and view from unix (but I don't do that), etc.

The standard build procedure for *nix systems doesn't install ANY
documentation (maybe a manpage?).  Users who want the HTML version
download it and install it where they want.  Windows users can
presumably do the same.  .chm files are the way windows most users
expect to see help, right or wrong.

On a more pragmatic level, there is a slight "usability bug" with the
current setup.  By default, if you have an IE window open and choose
"Python Manuals" from the menu, the help will spawn in the existing
window instead of spawning an new one.  This is a Microsoft "feature",
PythonWin isn't doing anything wrong.  It can be minorly annoying if you
didn't have the previous page bookmarked and start to do some serious
browsing.  It can be a major annoyance if you're in the middle of using
some sort of full featured web-app and lose your work.

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