[Python-Dev] Fixing Patches and Bugs for Py2.3.1

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at verizon.net
Wed Aug 27 16:22:38 EDT 2003

With Martin and Brett away from the keyboard,
the pending bug/patch pool is growing faster than
it is shrinking.

Even if you only have a little time, please scan
through the list to set priorities, endorse good
ideas, trump the bad, assign to the appropriate
party, etc.

If you bless an idea and suggest an approach,
sometimes I can take it from there and get it
implemented, tested, and documented.

Even if no immediate action is to be taken, a
comment of some sort will let the contributor
know that their efforts haven't fallen on deaf ears.
I've solicited participation from newsgroup followers
and would like to their efforts to be rewarded with

Raymond Hettinger

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