[Python-Dev] 2.3.3 cycle

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Mon Dec 1 09:22:36 EST 2003

Ok, my email mailbox is still on tape at the moment, so I'm going
from memory here. My current plan (assuming this meets with everyone's
approval) is to shoot for a 2.3.3rc1 either Friday this week or else
on this weekend, and a final 2.3.3 release around the 17th. How's this
fit in with other people's plans? In particular Thomas or Tim, whoever's
going to need to do the Windows release.

I'll be spending Wednesday working on autoconf magic - I'll see how the
latest autoconf-generated stuff works on the HP testdrive farm. If it 
shows no problems and fixes a bunch of the existing build problems, I'll
look at checking it in. I'm not entirely sold on this, though, so could
probably be convinced to leave it until 2.3.4, whenever we decide to do
that. Given the long time until 2.4, I could see a 2.3.4 around May next

I'm going to start hanging out on #python-dev for the next few weeks
if people want more real-time communications.


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