[Python-Dev] PyCon DC 2004 - Submissions Deadline Extended

Steve Holden pycon at python.org
Tue Dec 2 09:10:15 EST 2003

Dear Python User:

We have received many enquiries asking "When and how will
I be able to submit my paper to PyCon DC 2004?". This is
encouraging news - from the correspondence to date it seems
that there will be some interesting and exciting presentations
next March.

Please be patient as the system to handle submissions goes
through to completion. When it is ready, look for a further
announcement in the same place as this one.

Just a reminder, while I have your attention. Submissions
should ideally be in a single file, containing HTML or the
reStructured Text format. At a pinch we will be prepared to
accept PDF, and either tar or zip files containing sets of
coordinated documents (such as an HTML master and the graphics
to which it refers). Ulitmately we would like to publish all
accepted papers on the web, and these rules should make it
easier to do so.

If your paper is accepted and you prepare an electronic
presentation (in PDF, PythonPoint or PowerPoint) we will
also happily publish that on the web site when PyCon is over.

So, have at it! Anything describing the uses of Python, or
better ways of teaching it, neat tricks for developers and
suggestions for improvement to the language or its community
is fair game. It's likely we will have a larger proportion of
students attending in 2004, so we are particularly encouraging
presentations with an educational spin, including material
of a more introductory nature.

Don't forget, too, that even if you don't want to make a formal
presentation, the Open Space sessions and other informal activities
will give everyone plenty of chance to contribute what they know
and discuss what they need. PyCon should be *the* place to go
to learn more about Python. Please help to ensure this is so.


Steve Holden
PyCon DC 2004

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