[Python-Dev] unittest output

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Wed Dec 3 04:36:59 EST 2003

"Raymond Hettinger" <raymond.hettinger at verizon.net> writes:

> When a test fails, it is accompanied by tracebacks that include
> all the processing within the unittest module itself.  This makes
> it darned difficult to see at a glance what went wrong.  If like
> me, you use unittest as part of the development process, then you
> run it hundreds of times each week and this eyesore gets to be a
> real PITA.
> I don't recall when or where, but someone has proposed a fix.
> But, like many great ideas, it got stymied because someone,
> somewhere has a use for the rest of the traceback.   Also, a
> developer raised the (IMO red herring) issue -- what if there 
> is a bug in the unittest module, how would you track it.

Well, distutils being mainly a user tool tries it's best to hide
tracebacks from the user, and only prints a single 'error: ...'
line.  But it pays attention to a DISTUTILS_DEBUG env var, which will
enable showing the full tracebacks.  IIRC.


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