[Python-Dev] Int FutureWarnings and other 2.4 TODOs

Edward Loper edloper at gradient.cis.upenn.edu
Thu Dec 4 20:52:35 EST 2003

>>If you agree with this premise, then it suggests a different
>>approach. Use different implementations in C, but have type(x) in
>>Python lie.  type(x) would always return the type object which is
>>now known as "long".
> If this can be made to work, I like it.  __class__ should also be
> hacked, and isinstance(); and who knows how many other places, but
> probably not too many.

If we go this route, then how general should the mechanism for "merging" 
types in Python-space (but keeping them separate in c-space) be?  I.e., 
should this be an integer-specific change, or a general mechanism that 
happens to be used by int?  It seems like there might be other use cases 
for similar "merges" (string/unicode comes to mind).


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