[Python-Dev] RELEASED Python 2.3.3 (release candidate 1)

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Fri Dec 5 15:48:56 EST 2003

While building and trying out the windows installer yesterday, I had
some crashes in pydocgui.pyw (the module documentation server), both on
win98SE and on XP Pro.  The crash ocurred when it was closed, and it seems
only when the test suite was also installed (usually it also finds
something in the test suite).  Win98 was unhelpful as usual in only
showing the top of the machine stack, winXP displayed a message box
showing an access violation in TclNotifier.

I were not able to debug this, because I couldn't get Tkinter to work in
the version running from the build dir, and I had no more time - I
assume there are some env vars to be set so that it finds the tcl and tk

I could not reproduce the problem with the final built which is no out
in the cold, so I assume it was a temporary problem.  But it would be
nice if other people could try this out as well before this comes back
later on me.



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