[Python-Dev] Py2.4 pre-alpha snapshot

Martin v. Löwis martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Dec 7 12:47:37 EST 2003

"Raymond Hettinger" <raymond.hettinger at verizon.net> writes:

> I think it would be worthwhile to occasionally (every 3 months or so)
> package a Py2.4 pre-alpha release. My feel is that a number of people
> without compilers (Windows users especially) would enjoy working with
> the latest python if it were an easy thing to do (has an installer,
> etc).

Anybody could do that, without any official blessing. For example, I'm
distributing Itanium binaries at my own leisure, and I plan to provide
Itanium binaries for 2.4-in-progress, once I complete fixing the
pending issues.

So if you want to provide snapshots, just go ahead. If you need
hyperlinks from Python.org, or disk space on python.org: that can be

OTOH, I would consider it a wastage of resources if the regular
packagers would put any effort into snapshots (unless they really want
to do this on their own).


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