[Python-Dev] Re: Source-level backward compatibility requirements -logging and apply() - addendum

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Tue Dec 9 03:21:22 EST 2003

Vinay Sajip wrote_

> Raymond has very tactfully shown me the error of my ways, with respect to
> the now-I-see-it-was-misplaced friendship with apply(). I hereby cut it
> loose from me, and shall shed no tears when it departs in Python 3.0.

can python-dev perhaps provide a downloadable version of Raymond,
that I can bring to my Python training sessions?

in my experience, you always lose your audience when you introduce the
callable(*args, **kwargs) syntax, and you don't get them back until you
explain that the notion is apply(callable, args, kwargs).

whoever decided that the new calling syntax is "better" obviously didn't
spend many seconds on user testing.  a foolish consistency etc.


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