[Python-Dev] release23-maint branch CLOSED for release (was Re: 2.3.3 cycle)

Anthony Baxter anthony at ekit-inc.com
Wed Dec 10 08:31:50 EST 2003

>>> Jack Jansen wrote
> Anthony,
> I would like to do a 2.3.3 release for MacOS9 this time, so after 
> you've finished
> with the general 2.3.3 release could you please hand over ownership
> of the branch to me, and tell the crowd to refrain from fiddling with
> the branch until I'm done?

Not a problem. Were you going to do an OS X release as well?

Assuming we get the 2.3.3 release on Friday the 19th (AU time), how
long do you anticipate you'll want the branch for? (Guesstimate, 


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