[Python-Dev] "What's New" in docs

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Dec 11 22:53:25 EST 2003

    >> ... it'd be nice to have a link at the bottom of the current "What's
    >> New" that points to the last "What's New", or to a complete index on
    >> another page.

    Guido> Well, it's not exactly difficult to find the previous versions of
    Guido> the docs from http://www.python.org/doc/ (hint: search for
    Guido> "Previous versions" :-).

    Guido> Isn't that enough?

Sure, I suppose it's sufficient, but perhaps a bit cumbersome.  If you're
trying to remember when some feature was added to the language (which is
fairly common if you're trying to support an app on multiple versions of the
interpreter I think), chaining straight back through What's New sections
would make it easier.


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