[Python-Dev] Please tell me where I can submit bug reports....

JD lists at webcrunchers.com
Mon Dec 15 02:52:50 EST 2003

I can't get my Python 2.3.3c1 program to work. It keeps core dumping
(leaving python.core). I'm not doing anything strange, just documented
stuff from the manuals. I tried 'gdb -c python.core' and then using
'back', but there are no labels compiled in (I hate that...); how can I
get the labels to be included? "./configure --debug" doesn't work. I
assume without the labels the numbers are meaningless. Running this 
OpenBSD 3.2. Then, where should I submit my core dump (if anywhere?)?

I used to have the URL bookmarked,  but just upgraded and lost most
of my old bookmarks....


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