[Python-Dev] Please tell me where I can submit bug reports....

JD lists at webcrunchers.com
Mon Dec 15 16:05:51 EST 2003

On Dec 15, 2003, at 6:55 AM, Skip Montanaro wrote:

>     John> Then, where should I submit my core dump (if anywhere?)?
> Submit bug reports here:
>     http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=5470&atid=105470

Thanx,   OK,   I logged in,   and got the main page which confirmed my 
login was good.
But I cannot find any links that allow me to submit bug reports.   
Where is the link?
I cannot find it.

On the left part of the screen,  I get this?    Does  one of these 
links go to the bug
reporting page?

 SF.net Resources

 · Site Docs
 · Site Status
 · Site Map
 · SF.net Supporters
 · Compile Farm
 · Foundries
 · Project Help Wanted
 · New Releases
 · Get Support

There are two columns in the main page....    One titled...

My Assigned Tracker Items  and another titled My Tasks

I see no place on this site where there is a link I can use to report 
any bugs...   If it don't say "Bug reporting"
or anything similar,  then I need to know the name of the link,  
because it clearly isn't very obvious.

Another thing also....  if I click on Python Bugs link in the left 
column,  it goes into a "Browse Bugs" section,
but then there is yet another "Please log in" in red.   OK,  so I log 
in again.....   but when I do,   I don't
see the "Submit New" button,  but I do see a "Submit New" link above 
the buttons.    I DO have Cookies
enabled of course,  but I'm using Safari browser.   By the way,  I DO 
click on SSL.   I just tried it with IE
and get the same results....

I think I finally submitted it....  but can I go back and add some 
additional info?   If so,  how?

Further details on the Python core dump:

It core dumps (segmentation fault) when I check the database for a 
key. The offending statement is: x=database.has_key(keystring). database
is open and otherwise normal.  The database is "gdbm-1.8.3". The 
key is "3012a3ec5c796329fee7c242d4df00d6".

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