[Python-Dev] instancemethod_getattro seems to be partially wrong

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Mon Dec 15 21:34:58 EST 2003

Guido van Rossum wrote:

Hi Guido, this is a little follow-up. I didn't forget about it!


>>So I'm just saying that pickle.py in wrong in just one place:
>>                 reduce = getattr(obj, "__reduce__", None)
>>                 if reduce:
>>                     rv = reduce()
>>should be:
>>                 reduce = getattr(type(obj), "__reduce__", None)
>>                 if reduce:
>>                     rv = reduce(obj)
> Right.  (That's what I was trying to say, too. :-)
>>An almost trivial change, although I also had to change copy.py,
>>and overall I was unhappy since this extends my patch set to more
>>than replacing python2x.dll, but I hope this will become an
>>official patch and back-patch.
> Give it to me baby. (On SF. :-)

So here the bad news:
After changing the C code to use the new style, and also changing
all occourances in Python code, I used this on Zope, and
ExtensionClass did not play well, it cannot stand this protocol
unchanged. Zope won't start.

Therefore, I reverted my changes and now I'm waiting for the
day where ExtensionClass is no loger used.
(or should I patch *that* complicated stuff as well?)

cheers - chris

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