[Python-Dev] RELEASED Python 2.3.3 (release candidate 1) - custom Py_Initialize()

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Wed Dec 17 06:32:32 EST 2003

"Wiktor Sadowski" <art at wiktorsadowski.com> writes:

> Adding a few lines (below) to Python would enable custom
> Py_Initialize() and would allow to setup on time different than
> existing (import.c-zipimport.c) import mechanisms and changing some
> other Python-initialization internals without messing with Python
> core.
> It should make life easier for embedders and help writing specialized
> Python executables (like Zope or Quixote).  (We have such specialized
> executable to run packed Python programs remotely,kind of Java Web
> Start).  From what I know Python installers (py2exe,Gordon McMillan's
> installer) could benefit from such addition as well.
> All these functions simply expose some modules globals. They don't
> change anything in Python core.
> Best regards,
> Wiktor Sadowski
> /*pythonrun.c*/
> void Internal_Py_SetInitialized(int){initialized=i;}
> void  Internal_PyUnicode_Init(void){_PyUnicode_Init();}
> void  Internal_PyUnicode_Fini(void){_PyUnicode_Fini();}
> void  Internal_PyGILState_Init(PyInterpreterState *s, PyThreadState
> *ts){_PyGILState_Init(s,ts);}
> void  Internal_PyGILState_Fini(void){_PyGILState_Fini();}
> long Internal_PyGC_Collect(void){return PyGC_Collect();}
> /*pythonrun.h*/
> PyAPI_FUNC(void) Internal_Py_SetInitialized(int i);
> PyAPI_FUNC(void) Internal_PyUnicode_Init(void);
> PyAPI_FUNC(void) Internal_PyUnicode_Fini(void);
> PyAPI_FUNC(void) Internal_PyGILState_Init(PyInterpreterState *,
> PyThreadState *);
> PyAPI_FUNC(void) Internal_PyGILState_Fini(void);
> PyAPI_FUNC(long) Internal_PyGC_Collect(void);

I would rather like a function like Py_InitializeEx(struct _init*),
where struct _init would have components like PYTHONPATH, optimize, and
so on.


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