[Python-Dev] bug in python arm-linux?: start_new_thread fails after popen

Jeff Epler jepler at unpythonic.net
Wed Dec 17 10:14:50 EST 2003

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 03:01:00PM +0100, Michael Lauer wrote:
> Hi, I have a python program which works fine on x86 but doesn't work on
> any of my arm-linux devices (Zaurus, Ipaq, SIMpad) - all of them are
> running Python 2.3.2 on top of glibc 2.3.2+linuxthreads on top of kernel
> 2.4.18-rmk6-pxa3 respectively kernel 2.4.19-rmk7.

Using threads and fork together seems to be a big smelly armpit in Python.
There are also problems on redhat9, where signals in a fork+exec'd
subprocess are blocked, for instance.  This seemed to be a consequence
of blocking all signals in thread_pthread.h:PyThread_start_new_thread().
Perhaps pthread_atfork() could be used to fix this problem, though I
know next to nothing about pthreads beyond the documentation I glanced
at back when I first became aware of my thread+fork problem and before
writing this message.


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