open == file considered harmful (Re: [Python-Dev] RE: rexec.pyunuseable)

Greg Ewing greg at
Wed Dec 17 17:50:33 EST 2003

Michael Chermside <mcherm at>:

> Greg:
> > In light of this, it may have been a serious mistake to
> > unify the 'file' type and the 'open' function. Is it too
> > late to back out of that decision?
> Guido:
> > I think so.
> I disagree. Right now, having access to a class object basically
> gives one the ability to create new objects of that type. I
> think that's just fine... and I don't mind applying it to the
> file object. I'd think that the thing to do with untrusted code
> is to deny it access to the 'file' type object, thus denying it
> the ability to create new 'file's directly.

It would be a lot better if we could get away from the idea
of a "restricted mode" in the sense of a flag somewhere that
a bunch of things have to take notice of in order to behave
securely, because that model of security is prone to springing
leaks -- as happened in a big way when new-style classes were

The spirit behind my suggestion was to start thinking about
ways in which functionality could be separated out so that
this kind of special-casing for security purposes isn't

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