[Python-Dev] 2.3.3 and beyond

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Thu Dec 18 04:50:50 EST 2003

This should hopefully be no suprise to anyone, but I'm going to be
cutting 2.3.3 final in about 12-15 hours time. Once that's done, I'll
be handing the branch over to Jack so he can do his Macintosh magic.

I _had_ hoped to spend a lot of time getting various platform issues
resolved for 2.3.3 - this didn't end up happening (for reasons that
ryhme with "junkies are scum"). Once Jack's done his Mac magic, I'll
try to throw some effort at this for 2.3.4. I'm planning a 2.3.4 for
around the May timeframe, assuming Tim doesn't create more stinking
critical bugs in the meantime. (Oh, sure, he'll _claim_ the bugs were
always there, and he was just fixing them... <wink>)

Anthony Baxter     <anthony at interlink.com.au>
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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