[Python-Dev] Python-announce-list-request ocb orzmsmz fur

Nichole Villalobos 3gc6p6iqz at aol.com
Fri Dec 19 11:23:03 EST 2003

Hi Python-announce-list-request ,

I have a picture online now. I just want someone to know me before they 
see me. I just feel better that way. (but believe me you wont be 
disappointed) Well i am 22 years old. I have a very out going personality. I 
love to meet new people, i am on the varsity cheerleading squad. I like 
the little romantic stuff and love to be swept off my feet and 
suprised. I am currently looking for a relationship. All around if i were to 
use 3 words to describe me id say Outgoing, sexy, and spontaneous :) And 
if u wanna chat or get to know me. If u really like what u see. youll 
do more than just send me a note.

Talk to you soon I hope... :)

ps. my friend Maria is on with me as well.


I do not wish to go on any blind dates at all, now or in the future:

m393nnm3m3rem wv

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