[Python-Dev] Got None. Maybe Some?

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at uci.edu
Sun Dec 21 19:41:45 EST 2003


I'm a new lurker (hoping to change that) here on the python-dev list,
and I thought I would post a message about a new PEP I recently
submitted entitled "A Case for Some".

The PEP talks about how there exists None, that is false, and that is
smaller than any other object ( min(None, a) -> None ).  However, there
doesn't exist an equivalent true value that is larger than any other
number, like ( max(Some, a) -> Some ).

Personally, I think the introduction of Some offers a nice compliment to
None, especially because it allows algorithms that require an
initialization of infinity to not require large numbers.  Some would be
sufficient.  It also has the side benefit of being funny.

I just wanted to get the discussion going.  How does everyone feel about

 - Josiah Carlson

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