[Python-Dev] Got None. Maybe Some?

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at uci.edu
Mon Dec 22 14:25:32 EST 2003

>   [Josiah proposes a Some object to be the counterpart of None]
>   [Guido seems reluctant]
> Josiah: I have a counterproposal. The good news is, it's REALLY easy -- you
> won't need a PEP, and I am sure that you'll get no objections from anyone
> on this list. And it'll provide you with a "Some" object that acts like
> you describe (except the one mention you made of "Some == not None"...
> that one's a bad idea since right now "True == not None").

 -- snip --

Yes, renaming the class and being more explicit about the comparisons 
(and tossing the hash function, which turns out to be unneeded) does
pretty much what I want it to.

But then again, I've had Some since I thought of it.  I'm all about this
free software idea, and I know that it could be useful to others.  I
suppose I'll just post information about Some and a sample
implementation (combination of yours and mine) on my website or somesuch.

 - Josiah

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