[Python-Dev] Re: python/dist/src/Objectsunicodeobject.c, 2.204, 2.205

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon Dec 22 14:41:26 EST 2003

"Tim Peters" <tim.one at comcast.net> writes:

> [Skip Montanaro]
>> Isn't that supposed to always be defined in limits.h or is UCHAR_MAX
>> not a standard macro?
> Yes, it's supposed to be there.  OTOH, so is limits.h, i.e. the
> HAVE_LIMITS_H test shouldn't be necessary either.

As Martin regularly points out, we have rather too much of this kind
of thing.  Given that we demand ANSI C, we could surely lose
HAVE_LIMITS_H, and probably much other cruft.

People who have to contend with broken platforms might have a
different view.  I guess there's no real reason to churn, but when
crap like this gets in the way we should strive to kill it.


  Any form of evilness that can be detected without *too* much effort
  is worth it...  I have no idea what kind of evil we're looking for
  here or how to detect is, so I can't answer yes or no.
                                       -- Guido Van Rossum, python-dev

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