[Python-Dev] Re: Switching to VC.NET 2003

Paolo Invernizzi paoloinvernizzi at dmsware.com
Tue Dec 30 13:41:34 EST 2003

Martin v. Loewis wrote:

> The more typical modification is the addition of an extension module,
> which means adding a new target. That becomes more and more tricky
> these days, as these new targets often have prerequisites that are
> difficult to build themselves (e.g. finding an available copy of
> OpenSSL, invoking Perl to build OpenSSL, invoking nmake to build
> zlib, etc).

Ok. For what I have understood reading the PCbuild/readme.txt (I admit I 
never tried to build on win32 an *hard* module, like tk or bdb, or ssl), 
the building process of that modules is still mostly a manual job...
"follow the Windows instructions for building the Sleepycat software"

> I somewhat doubt that the scons-to-vcproj generator gets such
> complex build dependencies correct - at which point the maintainers
> would need to look into the inner workings of scons to find out if
> it really can represent the build step in all supported "output
> build procedures", and how to make scons do it correctly.

The VC project generated by scons simply binds the IDE build command to 
scons itself, so when the IDE need to build something, it actually 
launch scons, which can handle a lot of mutual dependend target easily.

Well, summarizing all, I can try some *non trivial* build process, like 
the python exes plus core dll, plus out-of-the-box modules, plus OpenSSL 
or bdb, and see what can be done with it...

I'll post something as soon as I've done some tries.

Paolo Invernizzi

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