[Python-Dev] Re: Switching to VC.NET 2003

Martin v. Loewis martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Dec 30 18:05:57 EST 2003

Paul Moore wrote:

> Does this install cleanly alongside a "production" Python 2.3? Ie,
> will it leave the meaning of the "python" command, and command line
> associations for .py files, etc, unchanged?

No. It will overwrite the associations, and, upon uninstallation,
it will entirely remove them.

OTOH, it does install into a separate folder, and it creates
shortcuts in a separate start menu folder.

> As a test install, I'd like it to have no effect on my main Python (I
> have no test machine to install on separately).

You could generate such an installer yourself, setting a variable
in msi.py. However, I can make installation of the shortcuts optional,
in future builds of the installer (to be enabled through a public
MSI property).


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