[Python-Dev] Re: urllib2 doesn't grok URLs w/ user/passwd

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Wed Dec 31 02:49:35 EST 2003

>>> "Terry Reedy" wrote
> > BTW, is somebody planning a 2.3.4  #yes
> >(or 2.2.4)? #no
> >  When?        #April-May
> >  That would motivate me to fix urllib2 bugs sooner.
> I suspect more backported bug fixes will motivate a release.

I plan a 2.3.4 in the April-May-June timeframe. This will _probably_
be the final release of 2.3 before 2.4, although we could have a 2.3.5
if there's a need for it at the end of the year (shortly after 2.4 is
done would be my pick). I don't know that we'd have a need for many
more 2.3 releases after that - particularly since, at the moment at
least, 2.4 seems to be continuing down 2.3's conservative path as far as
potentially dangerous changes.

Note that, aside from major bug fixes, I'm not particularly driven by
volume of bug fixes for selecting a release schedule - mostly it's driven
by my own personal estimation of when I'm likely to have time available
to do the release. Each release I do seems to take less time (yay for 
automation! boo that the major part of the automation seems to have gone
missing somehow in the laptop theft/recovery of data from tape.... ah 

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