[Python-Dev] Are we collecting benchmark results across machines

Dennis Allison allison at sumeru.stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 31 18:56:00 EST 2003

I suspect there are other folks who have run the pie-con benchmarks on
their machines.  Perhaps we should construct a chart.  Times below are in

~60	Guido's ancient 650Mhz Pentium
~27	Guido's desktop at work
~15	IBM T40 laptop

88.550	dual 450 MHz Pentium 2
22.340	Athlon XP2800 (1243.363 MHz clock)

The latter two times are for Python 2.3.3 built out of the box using the
Makefile (make time) shipped with the parrotbenchmarks ftp file on an
unloaded machine. The times reported are the user time from the time

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