[Python-Dev] Parallel pyc construction

Paul F Dubois paul@pfdubois.com
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 09:43:19 -0800

On a 384 processor job we have once again encountered that old question =
corrupted .pyc files, sometimes resulting in an error, sometimes in a =
wrong behavior later. I know this was allegedly fixed previously but it
looks like it doesn't really work. We lost a couple of weeks work this =

Didn't we talk about an option to not make pyc files? I can't seem to =
it. (We totally don't care about the cost of imports. The documentation
mentions "ihooks" but not the module itself. I know that importing has =
an area of create turmoil so I don't really know where to look.) I =
even find the list of command-line options for Python itself except a
mention of -c in the tutorial. Any pointers would be appreciated.