[Python-Dev] release candidate rules and timeit API question

Brett C. drifty@alum.berkeley.edu
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 16:53:33 -0700

OK, now that I have Internet again I can try to get some Python work 
done and commit what work I was able to do while I was disconnected. 
But I noticed that we are now working on a release candidate.  Are the 
commit rules any different than for a beta?  I specifically want to 
commit a patch to make using _strptime for time.strptime permanent by 
ditching the #ifdef code and flesh out the docs.

My timeit API question has to do with timeit.default_timer .  The docs 
don't mention it but I think it might be nice to expose it.  The 
specific I would like to have it available for guaranteed use is that 
both 'threading' and Queue have code that sleep on an ever-increasing 
interval.  They both use time.time for their time measurements which is 
fine on UNIX but sucks on Windows when you consider the max time both 
chunks of code wait is .05 secs which is below the accuracy threshold 
for Windows (according to Tim's intro in the Cookbook; thank god for 
books when tech goes kapoot).  I would like to edit the code so that it 
uses what timeit.default_timer is set to.  Anyone (especially Guido 
since he is timeit's original author) have a problem with documenting